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We have provided for your enjoyment a chat room for you to use for whatever you need. You will need Java Runtime Engine installed on your computer to use this area of the web site. This is available at http://www.java.com. Please keep all communication to PG- 13 or better and be respectful of others while here.

Eventually we would like to have a more comprehensive chat room service with different public and private chat rooms. If you have the skills or software to make this happen, or would like to suggest a chat client please contact us at web@ashevillecommunity.org. This is your website. The more you put in the more you get out.

Link for registering to use a specific name for chat �� �http://www.ashevillecommunity.org/tinc?key=dONEgSkR&channel=37192

Link for logging on to the chat roomt �� �http://www.ashevillecommunity.org/tinc?key=4Im9y6HU&channel=37192
Link for logging on as a guest �� �http://www.ashevillecommunity.org/tinc?key=BTMqyTYy&channel=37192

Link for logging on to chat room as a guest �� �http://www.ashevillecommunity.org/tinc?key=BTMqyTYy&channel=37192